Diani Beach Road, Diani,
Ukunda, Coast, Kenya.
Mon - Sun 8.00 - 18.00

Aaron Ralph D’Cruz

Chief Pilot and Head of Air Operations

Born in Kenya in 1989, Aaron R. D’Cruz or ‘Mullet’ as he is affectionately known around the drop zone, has developed a fascination for flying from an early age. He graduated as a commercial pilot in 2014 and is currently the holder of numerous ratings and qualifications. Whether it is a powerful Cessna Caravan 208 or a twin engine Piper-34 Seneca, he knows how to handle any possible flight scenario in the safest possible manner. Always looking for a new challenge, Mullet came to Skydive Diani in early 2016 and has quickly worked his way up to Chief Pilot and Head of Air Operations. With an average of 50 flight hours and over 100 drops per month, the job at Skydive Diani is right up his sleeve. Whether it is a quick hop & pop from 3.500 feet or a high-altitude jump with oxygen masks from 22.000 feet, with Mullet in the captain’s seat you can relax and fully enjoy the breath-taking view of the Kenyan coast, which he calls his office.

When I arrive at the airport in the morning, the characteristic smell of airplane fuel is pleasing my nostrils as I walk over to our jump ship. She is my baby, and deserves to be treated like that. I stroll around it looking at every detail during the pre flight checks, already excited for the moment I get to fire her up. The sound of 500 horse powers under my control, the acceleration on the run way, the unprecedented view while climbing, the moment when the jumpers are out and I can dip down the nose to race them to the ground – it is all these things that make me wake up everyday with a smile. And together with this fantastic team, it is the reason for why I love my job.