Diani Beach Road, Diani,
Ukunda, Coast, Kenya.
Mon - Sun 8.00 - 18.00

Gary Lincoln-Hope

Club Chief Instructor and Safety & Training Advisor

Gary started jumping 20 years ago in the British Army when he joined the elite Parachute Regiment. From that moment on, whether under a military ’round’ canopy from 800 ft or the modern high performance skydiving canopies from 14,000 ft, leaping from planes became a real passion.

The Kenyan coastline is amongst the finest scenery in the world; the beaches are breathtaking and the calm sea waters protected by the reef have an indescribable colour when you look at them from above. I jumped onto the beach with some friends for a week or so in 2013, but knew that we had to create a permanent place to skydive. I may be biased, but whether you want to do a tandem for fun, learn to skydive or jump every day of the week, this is the most spectacular dropzone in the world. Welcome to Skydive Diani, where every jump is a beach jump…